Turn your Android into a magical second controller or display

version for Android

What is it?

TitanCast creates a bridge between your computer and device, allowing low latency communication. As a result, you can transform your device into a secondary controller or screen.


With aims to bring a seamless bridge between phone/tablet and desktops, TitanCast is lightweight enough to be blazing fast, yet has enough features to be truly useful. Applications can make use of sensors such as the accelerometer and be able to send data with ease.


TitanCast's source code is available here. Because the code is open for scrutiny, you can be sure that you receive stable updates of TitanCast.


It's really simple for developers everywhere to integrate TitanCast into their applications. Even if you're not planning on developing anything, TitanCast is so easy to setup that you'll be able to connect to any application within a matter of seconds.